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For 140 years we've been going for gold

We are celebrating our 140th anniversary this year! To celebrate this anniversary in style, we are introducing the Golden Tickets. Ten of them, in total. These ten Golden Tickets are hidden in the golden bags with Luxe Mix Peppernuts. The lucky winners of the coveted Golden Tickets will receive a unique tour of our new chocolate factory as well as a year's free Peppernuts. Those who are sweet get goodies...

In 1880, Jan van Delft invented the pepper nut as we know it: the smallest and also the most widely eaten cookie with the longest history in the world. With his progressive eye, Van Delft soon invested in one of the first conveyor belt ovens. Thus was born the one and only pepernoot: a spicy, crispy ball with a flat bottom.

Since then, the unprecedented popularity of the pepernoten has only increased: in the past 5 years, Van Delft opened special pepernoten stores throughout the Netherlands selling an assortment of no less than 60 flavors of luxury (especially) chocolate peppernuts with special flavors such as caramel-salt, truffle-cinnamon and extra-cacao Belgian chocolate ... and the big public favorite the stroopwafel chocolate kruidnoot.

Where the success of the special chocolate peppercorns comes from? Van Delft-Director Oscar de Lange: "We see a growing need for authenticity and coziness. The aromatic smell and taste of Peppernuts are then quickly associated with that. We also notice that people love the shopping experience we offer, with the excessively wide choice of 60 delicious surprising makes, with enthusiastic friendly staff, the rich history of the oldest cookie in the world and of the company Van Delft, the beautiful gift boxes making it a pleasure to give and receive it as a gift and finally the opportunity to taste the many flavors."

Meanwhile, we are not standing still and have invested heavily in the future. The result: a brand-new chocolate factory with a gigantic chocolate plant, the largest in all of Europe. The process of chocolate making is a fine art. The new chocolate factory is therefore a milestone in the rich history of Van Delft. Thanks to innovative technologies, the new chocolate factory in Harderwijk produces top quality chocolate for our famous Van Delft-Peppernuts in a stunning way. Not only the taste, but also the environment has been considered: the new production approach saves Van Delft 2,500 truck trips in emissions on an annual basis.

This year, the 140-billionth peppercorn also rolls off the conveyor belt with us. That, together with the company's 140th anniversary and the new chocolate factory, is enough reason for a celebration. The lucky winners who pull out the ten coveted Golden Tickets from a golden bag Peppernuts will each be treated to a unique tour of the special chocolate and pepper factory and can also count on free Peppernuts * for a year.

*For more information and terms and conditions contact Van Delft customer service: klantenservice@pepernotenfabriek.nl